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Looking for Miniatures?

As of 2013, MiniWarGaming no longer sells miniatures (except for Dark Potential, see this video for the details). However, we strongly suggest you buy your miniatures at one of our partner stores:

If you live in Canada:

If you live in the USA (or overseas):

Thank you for all of your past business.

Mini War Gaming  | Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Shop with Confidence with

Have you ever purchased from a company (online or offline) and then tried to return the item but had the hardest time getting your money back (or maybe didn't get it back at all)?

I believe that has happened to all of us, including myself. They always seem to have a good excuse. "I'm sorry sir, but it has been more than 3 days since you purchased that." "I'm sorry sir, we have to charge you a 25% restocking fee to put it back on the shelf." "I'm sorry sir, but our refund policy clearly states that all sales are final."

Let's face it, if you aren't happy with your purchase, you should get your money back! That's why, although we have very VERY few problems with orders, we have our rock-solid, we-give-you-your-money-back policy.

Here's how it works:

If you received an item and don't like it or don't want it...

Refund 1

Simply return it (unopened and undamaged, assuming that's how you received it) and we will give you a full refund of the value you paid for it (including all applicable taxes).

We won't try to give you store credit, or charge you a "restocking fee" (but it's so hard to put it back on the shelf!) - we'll just give you your money back.

If you ordered an item and you didn't receive it...

Refund 2

Maybe the box got damaged and an item was lost. Maybe the postman likes Orcs and so he stole them. Whatever the reason, if you didn't get an item we will either send you a replacement (we pay the shipping cost) or just refund you what you paid for it. It is YOUR choice.

Again, we'll give you your MONEY back, not store credit, no restocking fees, no problems.

If you ordered an item and we can't get it...

Then we give you your money back. If you want we can exchange it for something else, but that is up to you.

If you received an item and it was damaged...

Refund 3

Then we'll replace it (we pay the shipping) or you can get a full refund for the item. Either way, YOU GET TO KEEP IT! That's right, if something is broken, just email our support with a picture of the damaged item and you can keep it, whether you get your money back or whether we send you a replacement.

Doesn't this just make sense?

Here at MiniWarGaming we don't believe in "hidden return policies" where you don't realize the stupidity until after you have problems. We keep it simple - get what you paid for, or get your money back!

For all return or refund inquiries, simply click here to go to our Contact Us page.

Oh, and we don't hide our email address or phone numbers from you either, so you can get a hold of us when you need to.

Happy Wargaming!

We accept the following:

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Battlefields Basing Glue, 50ml.
Battlefields Basing Glue, 50ml.
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Our price: $1.50

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I just wanted to tell you guys how impressed I am with the Fantastic Service you provided me on my recent order ( on all my orders actually). I placed my order and it was in the mail the very next day.

This is my 5th order with MiniWarGaming.Com and I have to say that you guys are way beyond most others in customer service and better than any on-line store I have ever dealt with.

Even with my first order which had a minor issue with it , you responded to my e-mail immediately and had the issue corrected the next day, no question no hassles, I canít ask for better customer service than that.

I have recently started back into the hobby and MiniWarGaming.Com is the first place I check out now for all my miniature needs. You are more than a store, your Blog and Forums are great for reference and I really enjoy the tutorials that are available they are a real bonus.

You have great every day prices and your "Big Sales" are always worth waiting for, especially for the extra savings and incentives you offer ( 20% off & a free brush set ). I look forward to being a regular customer for a long time. It always brings a smile to my face when I open a package from MiniWarGaming.Com see all my new projects in the box and then find a sweet bonus hidden at the bottom of the box ( I love Mike & Ikes how did you know? ).


-Todd Van Buren

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