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Looking for Miniatures?

As of 2013, MiniWarGaming no longer sells miniatures (except for Dark Potential, see this video for the details). However, we strongly suggest you buy your miniatures at one of our partner stores:

If you live in Canada:

If you live in the USA (or overseas):

Thank you for all of your past business.

Mini War Gaming  | Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges

Flat Rate Shipping for all of North America

Want to save even more money? Now you can with flat rate shipping (in North America).

No matter how big your order gets you will pay the same shipping costs.

Here is a list of shipping costs for all areas of the world.

$7.99 flat rate (no matter how big your order is)

Shipping generally takes 5-10 business days.

$9.99 flat rate (no matter how big your order is)

Shipping generally takes 2-6 weeks. The reason for the large difference is because of the border. Sometimes Customs will decide to hold a package for whatever reason (this is beyond our control). Most packages arrive within 1-3 weeks.

Europe, Australia, and New Zealand:
Orders Under $100: $19.99
Orders Under $200: $29.99
Orders Under $300: $39.99
Orders Over $300: 15% of order total

Everywhere Else:
Orders Under $100: $50.00
Orders Under $300: $75.00
Orders Under $500: $150.00
Orders Over $500: 30% of order total

We accept the following:

Clearance Item
70% Off

Battlefields Basing Glue, 50ml.
Battlefields Basing Glue, 50ml.
See details

Market price: $4.99
Our price: $1.50

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"I have written you this email to say thank you for all of your collective hard work."

"I'm sure you get this type of email everyday, a million times a day, however all of your tips, tricks, and techniques have helped me to become a fairly good painter/scenery maker in just a few months."

"I am passing your website along to as many miniwargamers in the Ottawa area as can, in hopes to educate and enthuse them as much as I have been."

"So all hail miniwargaming-dot-com, kings among gamers!"

-Tev TheDarkEldarGuy

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