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X'Lanthos Assassin

X'Lanthos Assassin 
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X'Lanthos Assassin

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The X'Lanthos have mastered the technology of dark potential field manipulations, and the Assassin is a testament to that.

Using a Phase Field Generator, the Assassin can actually pass through walls, obstacles, and even other models to get to its intended prey. What is worse than this is that it possesses a personal cloaking field, a Dark Fusion powered item that manipulates electromagnetic fields to appear almost perfectly invisible.

To top this all off the Assassin wields duel Subatomic Destabilizing Blades, which use field manipulation to disrupt the molecular bond of whatever they pass through, ignoring the strongest armour to easily kill whatever the Assassin manages to get close to.

Blister Contents

This blister contains 1 metal X'Lanthos Assassin, as well as 4 round 25mm slotted lipped bases. One base is for the model, and the other three bases can be used as stealth bases.

All figures come unassembled and unpainted unless specified otherwise.


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