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X'Lanthos Starter Set

X'Lanthos Starter Set 
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X'Lanthos Starter Set

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Not much is known about the alien race known to humanity as the X'Lanthos. They came unexpectedly, the first intelligent alien race ever met, and without warning started a war that lasted decades. The war ended up destroying both sides, climaxing at an invasion aimed at earth ending with the release of the X'Lanthos Virus.

What remained of the X'Lanthos fleets crashed onto earth, and now they are as stranded as the rest of humanity, but for them the world is not only hostile, but alien.

Armed with superior weapons, the X'Lanthos would have easily finished their job if it weren't for the fact that they were vastly outnumbered. Very few survived the war, and now they are as shattered as the rest of humankind.

Starter Set Contents

The X'Lanthos starter set contains 7 metal miniatures, including:
  • 1 X'Lanthos Commander
  • 1 X'Lanthos Soldier Squad (1 Leader + 4 Squad Members)
  • 1 X'Lanthos Assassin
Ten 25mm round slotted bases are also provided (3 are for stealth bases for the Assassin).

All figures come unassembled and unpainted unless specified otherwise.


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