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Undead Warhost

Undead Warhost 
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Undead Warhost

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This box contains the complete set of horrifying Undead.

The force consists of 50 Undead figures armed with various weapons and a warmachine. There are skeletons climbing from the ground, weapon options, 20mm bases and shield stickers.

The set contains all the models you need to build a terrifying Undead force, ready to be painted, modelled and led into battle.

This set includes:

* 1 x Undead Skeleton Regiment (20 Figures with Command Group)
* 1 x Undead Revenant Regiment (20 Figures with Command Group)
* 1 x Ghoul Troop (10 Figures)
* 1 x Balefire Catapult Frame
* 1 x Catapult Crew Frame (2 FIgures)
* 6 x Undead Sticker Sheets
* 2 x Undead Guide/Poster
* 52 x 20mm square Bases
* 2 x 48mm Mantic Case with protective foam

The models come supplied unpainted and unassembled, contents may vary from the box image.

All figures come unassembled and unpainted unless specified otherwise.


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