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Mhorgoth Rising Fantasy Battleset

Mhorgoth Rising Fantasy Battleset 
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Mhorgoth Rising Fantasy Battleset

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Market price: $74.99 (Save 10%!)
Price: $67.49 (US$ 67.49)
Points Earned:  337 - What are points?

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This Set Includes:

1 x FREE 56 page full colour 2nd Edition Rulebook
8 x FREE Army Lists including 3 new armies, 5 special characters and over 75 new units
20 x Plastic Skeletons with Command Group
10 x Plastic Revenants with Command Group
15 x Plastic Zombies
10 x Plastic Ghouls
1 x Plastic Balefire Catapult with Crew
20 x Plastic Dwarf Ironclad with Command Group
10 x Plastic Dwarf Ironwatch
10 x Plastic Dwarf Shieldbreakers
1 x Plastic Dwarf Ironbelcher with Crew
Mantic Guide
Loads of Mantic Points
Everything you need to play including Dice

All figures come unassembled and unpainted unless specified otherwise.


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