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Reclaimer Army

Reclaimer Army 
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Reclaimer Army

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While humanity managed to mostly unite their fleets as the X'Lanthos Extermination Fleet approached Earth, they quickly fragmented again once the X'Lanthos were defeated.

With the virus rampaging on earth the surviving fleets turned to infighting as Admirals from various countries decided to take advantage of the bleak situation. Unfortunately this lead to the near destruction of most of what was left of the fleets.

When what remained eventually banded back together for mutual protection and survival, the Reclaimers were born.

Genetically altered to be able to live in low to zero gravity environments, the Reclaimers live mainly in space ships, stations, and some even on the moon. Having lost most of their abilities to manufacture new parts they are forced to travel to earth (after the virus dissipated) to scavenge for technology that could be used to help them survive.

Unfortunately in order to travel to Earth they must wear their exoskeleton suits, as their bone structures are mostly not strong enough to withstand the gravity of Earth, and their immune systems are not able to fight even the simplest of earth-bound viruses.

Their eventual goal is the reclamation of Earth, but so far their numbers have been too few to really seek to fulfill this goal.

Army Set Contents:

The Reclaimer Starter Set contains 16 metal miniatures, including:
  • 2 Reclaimer Captains
  • 3 Reclaimer Initiate Squad Leaders
  • 4 Reclaimer Initiate Variant 1
  • 3 Reclaimer Initiate Variant 2
  • 2 Reclaimer Forward Observer
  • 2 Reclaimer Redeemer
It also contains 16 round 25mm slotted lipped bases.

All figures come unassembled and unpainted unless specified otherwise.


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