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The Relthoza Battleship

The Relthoza Battleship 
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The Relthoza Battleship

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The Brood Class Battleship is a mighty vessel with the most powerful dual broadsides batteries of all the fleets. Although it is matched in total firepower by other battleships that can use linked fire patterns and by Dindrenzi rail guns, a battleship of this class can sow a trail of destruction when it gets in amongst the squadrons of another fleet.

The Brood Class is very durable, with a reinforced internal structure made up of a labyrinth of crawl spaces and bulkheads. It can also take advantage of its Cloaking Field technology to approach enemy fleets and suffer less incoming fire while they launch salvoes of destructive torpedoes.

1 multi-part resin model
1 x acrylic flight stand
Model supplied unpainted and unassembled

All figures come unassembled and unpainted unless specified otherwise.


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